Love Crowd Christian Light Church
2247 Eutaw Place
Baltimore, Maryland 21217
Phone 410-383-9847
Fax 410-383-9501
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Why Should I Come to Love Crowd Christian Light Church
Your church is just another church....

We at Love Crowd Christian Light Church must reply a resounding NO. Our mission is to win non-believers by restructuring their lives and transforming their minds to the mind of CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD. We are here to nurture the soul through the studying of the Word of GOD and worshipping the LORD in Spirit and Truth. We are consumed in CHRIST, not the Church!! Our pastors teach about Christianity, not the common art of CHURCHIANITY!!
Our ministry as a whole has various entities working toward the common goal of edifying CHRIST. There are plenty of aspects of Love Crowd Christian Light Church where you can fit in! See, our purpose is to be an evangelistic church family, witnessing through CHRIST JESUS and ministering to the needs of people within and outside of the church.

We are a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, so donations are certainly welcomed.